Beech forest classes.

Half-day class

  • Tuition fee Adults: 2,310 yen / University students and under: 1,760 yen
    *Insurance fee applies separately (@500 yen)
Hour 1Learn about the history and satoyama culture of the Shirakami Sanchi (50 min) →    Classroom lesson
Hour 2Visit the Seishu Forest Road Historical Museum and the Matagi-Museum (30 min)
Hour 3Practical lessons [cooking wild vegetables, chopping wood, charcoal making, etc.] (80 minutes)
Lunch*Two rice balls and soup available for those who wish (500 yen).

One-day lesson

  • Tuition fee Adults: 4,620 yen / University students and under: 4,070 yen
    *Including lunch and guide fee
    *Insurance fee is available on request (@500 yen).

(In the morning, the same as the ‘half-day class’)

Hour 4Seasonal mountain, river and sea experience course
1) Kurokuma Falls round trip course
2) Hitotsumori Climbing Course: Apr-Nov (spring to autumn)
3) Akaishi River/river play(iii) Akaishi River/river play course
4) Other Satoyama experience courses
5) Trekking with snowshoes→December – March (winter implementation)