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Why not visit the Tsugaru route,
an embodiment of Japan’s primal landscapes, forests,
maritime trade, and longstanding traditional culture?

The Tsugaru region in Aomori Prefecture, located to the north of Japan, boasts the World Heritage Site, the primeval beech forests of the Shirakami Mountains, representing Japan’s forests. This natural heritage includes the Aoike of the Twelve Lakes and the Tsugaru National Park, where lush beech forests thrive. Additionally, the region is home to cultural attractions such as the Aomori Nebuta Festival, featuring elaborate illuminated floats.

In Tsugaru, you can explore numerous historical sites, including the Kamegaoka Site where the Jomon period artifact, the “shakōdogū” clay figurine, was discovered. Many archaeological sites in Tsugaru trace the roots of the Japanese people. Before the establishment of the railway network on the Pacific side, the Kitamae ships traded across the Sea of Japan. Today, they are commemorated as a Japanese heritage under the title “The Uncharted World Woven by Men Crossing Rough Waves: Kitamae Ships’ Ports and Owners’ Settlements,” with various documents and traces preserving the historical charm.

Shirakami Aroma

Aromas from the forests of the
World Natural Heritage Site Shirakami

Based on precious essential oil, we develop and sell essential oils, refreshing sprays, chromophyll water, chromophyll soap, bath salts, shampoos and other aroma-related products.
In order to promote this domestically produced aroma, distillation tours and other events are held from July to September to familiarise people with the process of collecting and distilling the native chromophyll, which they can enjoy.

Shirakami Season’s Tours

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A GSTC certified guide

Kimi Onishi

She is a qualified guide of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and
speaks English. She is an English-speaking guide who is certified by the Global Sustainable Tourism.
She usually works as a company employee and assists the association on the side.
Although she is just beginning her career as an assistant to the association, she has a lot of experience from living abroad and assists the organization from a broad perspective.

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Akemi Kurosawa

AkemiAkemi Kurosawa is an active and experienced international guide. She has a lot of experience not only in Shirakami Sanchi but also in various other mountain climbing areas.

A certified aromatherapist

Yukino Kamata

She is a certified aromatherapist and has extensive experience in teaching distillation tours and craft classes as an exclusive therapist for the Shirakami Aroma Research Institute. She is fluent in English and is available for aroma therapy.



  • From Mutsu Akaishi Station on the JR Gono Line, 10 minutes by car.
  • From JR Ajikazawa Station on the JR Gono Line, 25 mins.
  • From Aomori Station and Aomori Airport, 90 mins; from Hirosaki Station, 90 mins.
  • 160 min. from Akita North Airport.
    *The town of Ajigasawa currently operates the Aji Bus, which costs 100 yen to ride within the town.